Who Am I?

Many years ago, I started out working in print and design, then slowly moved into effects and animation. Effects are challenging and always different which tends to keep things interesting. Initially I completed my Bachelors degree in Animation, but after realizing that I hated being a designer, went back and completed my Masters at SCAD in Visual Effects.

My final Masters project was a case study in Realflow on mixing different fluids and high frame rate simulations. This was noticed by NextLimit who interviewed me for a case study.  Thankfully the owner of ReelFx saw my interview and personally contacted me and asked that I relocated to Dallas to work on the commercial team.

Over the past several years I’ve been fortunate to work with some really great studios and incredibly talented artists. Being around various places has given me a broad range of skills that I apply on a daily basis and enabled me to move to London.

After working on a lost number of commercials, my interest changed to Film. I built a lot of Houdini tools for the Framestore FX Department while also doing shot work. Since starting in the industry I have been part of every stage of production from the initial concept and boards to final composite and all steps in between.